Self Service Advanced Analytics

Tap into the real power of BI but with the ease of a familiar interface with Pyramid Analytics Data Discovery, the premier self-service enterprise analytic application.


Analytic Power Unleashed

Tap into the real power of BI but with the ease of a familiar interface with Pyramid Analytics Data Discovery, the premier self-service enterprise analytic application. Through a point-and-click calculation designer, customizable variables, advanced query tools and shared business logic built-in Data Discovery empowers every user in an enterprise with the freedom to unleash accurate, advanced analytics.


Unlimited Possibilities

Open up a world of possibilities by embedding Pyramid Analytics' BI Office into key business processes. Data Discovery seamlessly integrates with Dashboards and Publisher for authoring and sharing multi-query, multi-view dashboards and reports in minutes. Pyramid Analytics offers a complete API reference guide to help with embedding content into SharePoint, web applications or portals with APIs and also includes an example application to jump start development.

Business Intelligence


Experience the Best

Delivering business intelligence has never been easier. From data visualization and OLAP slicing and dicing (even on a mobile device), to complex calculations, predictions, search, personalization and built-in data wizards, Data Discovery is a market leading BI analytics solution. Data Discovery provides both self-service BI and enterprise analytics that can be deployed in as little as a few days or weeks.


The Mash-Pit Wizard

One of your biggest headaches is taking data sets, modeling them, and delivering a thorough analysis for a report or presentation—super quickly. The BI Office Mash-Pit wizard makes the process easier by enabling you to “mash-up” one or more data sources through a point-and-click, web-driven wizard. Step-by-step, the wizard will help you build a super-smart, shareable data model so that you can analyze and report it within minutes—all without a single line of code or technical knowledge.
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Modern Visualizations and Analytics

Visualizations are the key to uncovering new patterns, trends and insights. Data Discovery has exceptional filtering, sorting, interactive and context sensitive visual analytic capabilities. With over 20 animated and interactive chart types, 30 variations of multi-charts, dual axis charts and geospatial mapping, Data Discovery users delight in exploring an endless array of visualizations to explore and tell a story.


Discover Patterns with Location Analytics

Go one step further with spatial and location analytics. Pyramid Analytics users simply love our maps. Data Discovery GIS Mapping is a step above the rest with global mapping capability all the way down to street level views with a few clicks. Fully interactive maps allow drilling, slicing, dicing, visual boundary areas, road maps, satellite maps and so much more.


High Performance Analytics

Pyramid Analytics delivers unrivaled big data analytic experiences. Data Discovery is able to efficiently and securely query data of any type and any enterprise size. By design, our BI Office Suite solution has profoundly engineered fast loading runtimes and high performance rendering of huge queries without paging results or hanging applications. Enterprise scale analytics means Pyramid Analytics.


Missing Data Magic

Never fear updating your data model again. Effortlessly correct reports to work against changing cube dimensions, hierarchies, levels, members, named sets and custom MDX elements with the magic of the Missing Data Wizard. When data is changed, Missing Data Wizard automatically identifies and applies changed data in downstream reports. Fix it in one place and replicate everywhere.


Complex Queries Made Simple

Don’t let intimidating MDX or DAX queries hold you back. Visually create powerful, dynamic, advanced MDX queries in Pyramid Analytics MDX Editor without writing a single line of code. It is easy with menu driven wizards and visual query designers that amaze users of all skill levels.


Get Proactive with Predictive

Unlock the hidden value in your data with BI Office predictive statistics. From big data analysis, linear regression and outlier detection to filtering and what-if calculation sliders, both prescriptive and predictive analytics are now within reach of anyone in your organization.


In-Place Upgrade for ProClarity

Our BI Office Suite is the most comprehensive solution in the market that can provide in-place upgrades with existing ProClarity implementations in minutes! Without losing any speed your organization can instantly migrate ProClarity content and analytic views, saving all of your hard work and delivering an improved vNext ProClarity user experience.
Download the ProClarity Migration Guide


Your Data Never Looked Better

Not only does Data Discovery look beautiful, the underlying engine is sophisticated too. Unlike other dashboard and analytic solutions that offer surface level enhancements to Microsoft BI, Pyramid Analytics deeply integrates and extends native Microsoft BI functionality. Data mash-ups are easy with Data Discovery's "Mash-Pit" functionality, bringing sophisticated, advanced analytics to Excel, PowerPivot and SQL Server Analysis Services completely complimenting Microsoft BI investments.
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Microsoft BI

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