Pyramid + Microsoft

BI Office fully exploits the power of Microsoft's BI Data Platform. For the first time, the full capability of the platform is accessible to business users delivering unprecedented analytic functionality that is easy to use and understand with the horsepower of server-driven analytics.

Power BI

Enabling Microsoft's BI Stack

SQL Server Analysis Services, PowerPivot and Excel sit at the heart of the Microsoft Business intelligence stack. Pyramid plays a critical role in exposing these powerful querying technologies to end users through a powerful, synergistic toolset that delivers analytics, reporting and dashboards. By adding content management and management tools needed in large deployments for delivering BI to the entire organization brings enterprise governance to Microsoft BI.

Microsoft BI

SQL Server Geospatial

Pyramid Analytics marries together the power of Microsoft's multi-dimensional cubing framework with the SQL Server Geospatial engine and BING maps to deliver an immersive, interactive and seamless geospatial analytical experience unmatched in BI today. The ability to plot and analyze data on a map has never become easier for end users.

Micrsoft Geospatial BI

Microsoft Excel, Word & PowerPoint

Pyramid also provides easy integration with Microsoft’s products by providing several mechanisms to export content into the Microsoft Office platform. So users that wish to drive their analysis and presentation of data beyond the scope of what pyramid itself offers have the option to do so. Pyramid Analytics enhances all users’ accessibility and provides deeper insights into the Microsoft BI stack in order to improve business decisions.

Microsoft Office

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