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Independent consultant specializing in Analysis Services, MDX, Power Pivot, DAX, Power Query and Power BI in general. Avid blogger about Microsoft BI for over 10 years, with 1000 posts at Also a prominent speaker at conferences including SQLBits, the PASS Summit, the PASS BA Conference, SQL Saturdays and user groups.

Chris Webb on If You Think OLAP is Dead – Think Again Webinar

Chris Webb on If You Think OLAP is Dead – Think Again Webinar

Author: Chris Webb , Tags: OLAP, MDX |Category: Pyramid News | Published: 11/27/2015

One reason why some vendors promote the idea that OLAP is dead is because they are promoting the idea of smaller, user created models (the desktop BI approach) rather than a single centralized model. While OLAP may be out of fashion, the capabilities and benefits of the technology make sense for many data warehouse scenarios. Watch Chris Webb independent consultant specializing in Analysis Services and Peter Sprague VP Solutions Engineering at Pyramid Analytics discuss OLAP technology and the things you need to consider, including: •Centralized data models and security •OLAP vs Big Data Tools •OLAP, Data Volumes and Scale

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Thoughts On the Microsoft Pyramid Power BI Deal

Thoughts On the Microsoft Pyramid Power BI Deal

Author: Chris Webb , Tags: PowerBI, MDX, Analysis Services, SSAS, Microsoft SQL |Category: Industry Trends, Pyramid News | Published: 7/24/2015

We welcome Chris Webb (@Technitrain) as guest blogger sharing his Thoughts On the Microsoft/Pyramid Power BI Deal – what it means to Power BI users and to organizations vested in Microsoft SQL and SSAS.

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