Author: Ian Macdonald

Ian Macdonald


Author: Ian Macdonald Job Title: VP Marketing |

A ‘hands-on’, product oriented technical marketing professional with extensive experience of the international software market. Primary focus has been on the database, development and query tools, data mining, business intelligence applications and IT infrastructure management solutions, setting product strategy, marketing, partnering and selling to senior positions within Fortune 2000 companies.

One BI Platform to Rule Them All

One BI Platform to Rule Them All

Author: Ian Macdonald , Tags: SQLBits, BI Platform |Category: Industry Trends | Published: 6/17/2015

BI decision makers have become weary of commonly-known tools that forced unwelcome compromise between governance and innovation, between consistency and broad usage. Despite seemingly asymmetric needs for agility and control, when equipped with the right standard BI platform, business areas and IT can pursue congruent priorities.

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