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Joey Pruett is a sales engineer and business intelligence expert at Pyramid Analytics. He has deep experience in consulting, training, support, quality assurance, and IT administration. Prior to coming to Pyramid, Joey has held positions at Microsoft, Micron, Healthwise, ProClarity Corporation, Zasio Enterprises, MindCrossing, and the Idaho State Tax Commission. Joey's expertise and flexibility enable him to solve problems and deliver solutions to a diverse array of customers. In his spare time, Joey enjoys yoga, family time, studying physics, and watching cartoons.

Use Parameter URLs to Dynamically Display Relevant Data

Use Parameter URLs to Dynamically Display Relevant Data

Author: Joey Pruett , Tags: Dashbaords, Self Learning, BI Training |Category: Product Tutorials | Published: 8/26/2015

You can dynamically display and zero in on data in a dashboard by using parameter URLs. For example, you could customize a dashboard about territory sales so that the clothing department employees only see the clothing sales data. You could change the parameter later to dynamically show another sales category from the same data.

You start by creating a target in the URL dashboard that can accept the parameter, and then editing the link to point to the target name (such as prod for product) and the parameter (such as a category type, ie Clothing). This article provides the steps and syntax, as well as helpful links, for working with parameter URLs.

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