Herbert Ochtman, EVP of Business Development and Board Member

Co-founder of Pyramid Analytics and overseer of the company’s operational structure and technology advancements

Herbert drives Pyramid Analytics’ operations, overseeing its market strategy and accelerated growth. He brings a strong mix of entrepreneurial, operational and technology capabilities to his role, including extensive experience advising and growing technology companies and bringing innovative technologies to market.

Prior to Pyramid Analytics, Herbert co-founded and served as vice president of business development and as board director at Urix, a company known for its innovation in healthcare analytics and reporting. He holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Yale School of Management, and received a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from Queen Mary University of London.

When not in the world of startups, you can find Herbert on his mountain bike, on the river with his crew team, or brushing up his flying skills.

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