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BARC’s THE BI Survey 16

BARC’s THE BI Survey 16 is based on findings from the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end users. In total, BARC surveyed 3,137 end users and ranked 37 different BI products. Altogether, 37 products (or groups of products) are analyzed in detail.

The BI Survey 16 examines BI product selection and usage among users in categories (KPIs) including business benefits, project success, business value, recommendation, customer satisfaction, customer experience, innovation and agility. There are 32 KPIs in total.

Vendors were grouped into different peer categories – BI Office was included in the dashboarding-focused products peer group, EMEA-focused vendor peer group, OLAP analysis-focused products peer group and self-service reporting-focused products peer group. In 21 of the 32 categories, BI Office either placed No. 1 (top-ranked) or as a leader (top 25 percent of peer group).

BI Office earned the #1 spot in the following categories:

  • Customer Experience
  • Price-to-Value Perception
  • Self-Service
  • Data Discovery / Visualization
  • Chosen as Standard
  • Performance
  • Query Performance
  • Location Intelligence

This document contains just a selection of the headline findings for Pyramid Analytics. It does not show all the KPI results and focuses mainly on the positive findings.

Published: 10/18/2016

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