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Data Mashups with BI Office: Revised

See the BI Office Mash-Pit – a flexible, wizard-driven interface that allows users to quickly and easily access, integrate, publish, and analyze data from multiple sources and databases – in action! (Data sources could be local (for example Excel, SQL Server etc) or Cloud based (Amazon red shift, Azure SQL etc). )

Complexity: 7 |

Category: Feature Demonstration | Version: 5 | Product: bioXL | Content Type: Video | Published: 11/18/2014

R Integration Demo

Hear about how BI Office connects natively with R for statistics in numerous aspects: underlying queries can be sent to the R engine for post-processing to generate additive data points (like forecasting) or analysis (like clustering); it can be used to change returned query results (like eliminating outliers); and can be used as a data source for modeling, by pre-process raw data (like text mining).

Complexity: 5 |

Category: Video, Tutorial | Version: 5 | Content Type: Video | Published: 11/17/2014

Sample Publisher report

Sample Publisher report showing the pixel-perfect representation of data in a Microsoft Word like document without the need for endless copying and pasting.

Category: Product | Version: 5 | Product: bioWRITER | Content Type: Data Sheet | Published: 5/1/2014

BARC BI Survey 2013

Pyramid has been recognized in the 2014 BARC report by business intelligence industry peers, among OLAP Analysis and Data Discovery vendors, as leading in 6 categories and significant rank in 7 others.

Category: Analyst Review | Version: 5 | Product: bioXL | Content Type: Analyst Report | Published: 4/5/2014

Migrating from ProClarity to Pyramid

This white paper examines the migration process for moving from ProClarity to BI Office.

Complexity: 5 |

Category: Guide | Version: 5 | Product: bioXL | Content Type: White Paper | Published: 4/4/2014

Supercharge Microsoft BI

Analytics to Dashboards in Minutes: Experience the NEW BI Office V5 and see how Pyramid Analytics can supercharge your Microsoft BI.

Complexity: 7 | 1 hour long

Category: Tutorials | Version: 5 | Product: bioXL | Content Type: OD Webinar | Published: 4/4/2014

bioXL Data Discovery Overview

See the real power of BI and self-driven data discovery with the ease of a familiar interface.

Complexity: 7 |

Category: Product Demonstration | Version: 5 | Product: bioXL | Content Type: Video | Published: 3/27/2014

bioPOINT Dashboard Overview

See the exquisite simplicity of the bioPOINT dashboard designer - the perfect interface for building interactive story boards and analytic narratives

Complexity: 7 |

Category: Product Demonstration | Version: 5 | Product: bioPOINT | Content Type: Video | Published: 3/26/2014

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