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Microsoft Collaboration Webinar

Executive Perspective about What the Microsoft & Pyramid Analytics Strategic Alliance means for customers. Join Amir Netz, Technical Fellow at Microsoft in charge of Microsoft’s BI technologies, and Avi Perez CTO at Pyramid Analytics to hear about the Collaboration.

Author: Amir Netz Category: OD Webinar | Version: 6 | Published: 10/29/2016

The Fast Way to Make Your Epic Data Work for You

Join us to learn how Pyramid Analytics BI Office provides turn-key and interactive reporting for your EPIC implementation.

Complexity: 7 | 1 hour long

Author: Carrie Nielsen Category: Tutorials | Version: 6 | Published: 9/29/2016

The power of context: better reporting through contextualized analytic data

Learn how organizations can benefit from modern BI tools that feature advanced, smart infographics, dynamic text, and more.

Author: Peter Sprague and Dan Wilmot Category: OD Webinar | Version: 6 | Published: 8/30/2016

Maximizing Your Microsoft Investment with Pyramid Analytics BI Office

Pyramid Analytics BI Office is the top analytics platform for the Microsoft BI Platform. BI Office provides a complete on-premise or private cloud solution with unparalleled governance, security, and integration with Microsoft, including Power BI Desktop content. This session will provide an overview discussion and demo of the BI Office application, including advanced analytics with complex topics made easy (such as reusable R models). Target audiences include business analysts, data scientists and Power BI users.

Complexity: 7 | 1 hour long

Author: Peter Sprague and John Hormaechea Category: Tutorials | Version: 6 | Published: 8/25/2016

Successful governance involves more than data access

This webinar discusses the challenges in implementing successful governance programs.

Author: Peter Sprague Category: OD Webinar | Version: 6 | Published: 7/26/2016

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